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Welcome to our Campaign's website!  Though I have had to adjust our expectations for this election cycle, we still have our sights set on becoming a viable, competitive candidate for this congressional seat in 2024!  When I see what the Republican party puts forth as candidates, and their platforms, I know that I can do a better job representing you than they can!  Key to doing a better job, is the fact that I will always represent our district from the middle of the American experience.  The days of 'my way or the highway' politics must become a philosophy of the past, as extreme left or right viewpoints are not beneficial to those of us in the center.  When I speak on the issues, you will hear of our common ground and how I will develop and protect the people of our fine district.

Especially now, with the level of misinformation and distrust in our politics, it is time to focus on candidates that are serious, honest and have the best interests of the American people at heart.  American democracy, as well as its very foundation - free and fair elections - are at stake in the next few ballots, at least!

If you are a traditional Republican, you know that our current representative, is not an honest and fair-minded candidate, due to his allegiance to the former president.  Our congressional representative - who we elect - has to be about us - not about the twice-impeached, election denying, insurrection causing, classified document abusing, wanna-be authoritarian!  The former president has continued to hurt Republicanism!  I can help restore integrity to the process and the party. 

The former president and his world-view, negatively impacted our Covid response from the beginning, his attempts to dismantle and degrade NATO set the table for Putin to invade the Ukraine, and he pulled us out of global agreements, he created a trade war with China, interrupting supply chains globally, and so much more, all the while taking credit for an economy that was on the rise for 7 years before he took office. 

As an Independent candidate for the congressional seat, I am your best bet to support traditional Republican-American ideals.  I can help us change republicanism back to being a solid choice in American politics for all of us - respectable, accountable, truly freedom-loving and limiting government over-reach, driven to support economic factors, supporting the rule of law, supporting our men and women in uniform, while embracing equality and diversity!  The GOP has lost its way under the former president, and needs some assistance from America!

Let me say it again - the key issues facing our nation today were created by policies of the former president.  Much of what we face now in the form of inflation begin with fuel prices and shortages from a broken supply chain, were caused by Trump and his policies.  The supply chains were negatively impacted by the pandemic response and Trump's trade war stance with China.  Trump withheld from the American public vital information from China regarding the airborne transmission of the Covid -19 virus.  Countless Americans died, businesses shutdown, schools closed or went remote because the former president kept the truth from us.  If only, he had shared the truth of the airborne transmission of the virus when he learned of it, so much more could have been done to prevent its spread.  Lives could have been saved, supply chains could have been impacted less, and inflation would have been minimized. 

The Ukraine war and its impact on global fuel pricing, which is a key factor in increasing the cost of all goods, is a direct result of Trump's actions that led to more than favorable conditions for Putin to invade through his efforts to weaken NATO and create chaos in Ukraine.  Here are the actions taken by Trump that aided Putin leading up to his decision to invade the Ukraine:

-Continual discrediting of NATO, nearly dismantling it, and making the USA appear to be less of a trusted ally, were a challenge to be presented.

-Backing out of global agreements and initiatives, such as the Paris Climate Accord and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, strategic arms limitations, and the Open Skies Treaty, with Russia.

-Publicly favoring Putin over the USA Intelligence community.

-Removing the American Ambassador to the Ukraine.

-Withholding military aid to the Ukraine, while asking for an investigation to begin in Ukraine against Joe Biden, in the quid pro quo, that led to Trump's first impeachment.  The military aid to the Ukraine was solely to be used to fortify and defend the Ukraine from Russia.

-Trump's unwillingness to confront Putin on the 'bounty' that Russia had placed on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

-Trump has discredited the FBI in the Oval Office to Russian representatives.

-Trump refused to share his interpreter's notes of a meeting with Putin.

-Trump had ordered US troops from Syria, allowing Russia to be successful in that country, while putting our allies - the Kurds in jeopardy.

-Lastly, the election denial of 2020, followed by the coup - insurrection attempt and all of Trump's ongoing efforts, gives an impression that the USA is weakened and distracted enough to allow Russia to make its move into the Ukraine.  

The world-wide inflation that we are experiencing can also be traced to Trump's pandemic response, tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, and the fuel shortages/pricing from the Ukraine war.  Electing a follower of that failed president at this critical juncture would be detrimental to all of us!  

I was a registered independent candidate in the past election.  Going forward, I may affiliate with a party to aid in my effort to become your representative.  No matter what my designation may become, I will represent traditional political values - the type that have been successful in leading the USA for 240+ years.  In an era when much of our political leadership is fostering principles that are detrimental to our republic, I can offer you my public service, based on principles and our common ground.

We have to stop the election meddling and misinformation campaigns of the former president, or we may be voting ourselves right out of a democracy in 2024. 

Another major reason that I began to step into the body of politics is the never-ending racial hatred that is in the hearts and minds of a percentage of our population. Growing up during the civil rights' movement of the 1960's, I always thought that the worst was behind us and we were making significant and long-lasting progress. In some circles, I am certain that we are still making progress in race relations, though the events in 2022 in Buffalo and at the Chatauqua Institution demonstrate the deep-rooted problem that persists, and is still propagated by right-wing extremists and media.

The horrible actions of just one person can cast a dark cloud over all of us for not doing more to improve the circumstances that lead to such tragedy. We must come together to stop the biased, discriminatory and de-humanizing talk that is directed at all of the minorities. We have to work to stop the hate that creates these monsters and situations. 

Beyond the fact that 'we are all created equal', both in biology and by law, I wish that I could also effectively convey my life experiences that have brought me close to minority people that I have known as friends, respected colleagues and brief acquaintances. Because of the many positive experiences that I have had, the struggle of minorities to achieve true equalities and freedom, and even security, is my fight as well. And, it always will be!  My heart goes out to all that are suffering from last year's tragedy in Buffalo, and my determination to resolve bigotry and hatred in my own world is again, fortified.
An additional topic that motivates me to represent us is the inability of our congressional representatives and others in politics to legislate effectively on the topic of gun violence.  As not only in Buffalo, in Uvalde, Texas, there was a horrific demonstration of the use of 'weapons of war', in the hands of a young man, with mental health issues.  The resolution to 'mass shootings' in our culture requires a multi-faceted approach and an unwavering seriousness that supersedes profit, lobbying, campaign donations and the fear of losing an election!  As a gun owner, a father, grandfather and as a 'human', I can bring societal concern, a common-sense perspective and problem-solving skill sets to bear on reducing gun violence in America!  If our elected leaders do not legislate to reduce gun violence and mass shootings, they must be replaced - because there are steps that we can take that can help to solve this ongoing, uniquely-American tragedy! 

School safety is a major concern of all parents and though the recently passed legislation is a step in the right direction, it does not effectively address the 'age of the firearm purchaser' or the 'type of firearms allowed to be purchased' or the 'waiting period post purchase', 'quanitity of ammunition that can be purchased', the 'purchase of body armor' and more that could be done to prevent mass shootings! 

Neither of the major political parties have put forth candidates for this Congressional seat that are the type of representative that we need at this critical time in our politics.  We now know that the current representative is ill-suited for us due to his loyalty to the former president!  As a 'trump loyalist' his representation will lead us to reduced freedoms of speech, less freedoms regarding privacy and less freedom to express ourselves through elections!  Republicans plan to reduce, or privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans' Benefits which will hurt nearly every American family! And on top of that, the past administration's policies and actions created much of what we are living through today - the war in Ukraine, inflation, mis-information, insurrection investigations and political divisions, and more!  

Even the recent events with train derailments and banks collapsing, have root causes that come from Trump-inspired and directed de-regulation.

I know that many traditional Republicans are unhappy with the the past president, and many of those that follow him in Congress because they no longer represent traditional Republicanism and middle America.  Help me to counter-balance that phenomenon in our legislative chambers!  I can represent long-time traditional Republican values of fiscal conservatism, smaller government, personal freedoms and accountability, strength in the military and support for law enforcement, while I also protect Democratic ideals!  Our two parties are supposed to make our lives better with every piece of legislation - I will work to that end, every day!

I am continuing to be in this race representing you, the middle - the middle of the road, the middle of the political spectrum, the center - not just the Democrats or just the Republicans - and I will fight to keep the People's House, representing all of us.   Though I am a Democrat by nature, in wanting to care for the working and middle class, and the poor, disabled, and help everyone, I can find 'common ground' with the positions that local Republicans like Andy Goodell and George Borello have on a variety of issues.  I am as pro-business as any Republican, and know from experience that being pro-business can also be pro-worker, and even pro-union, which follows Democratic philosophies.  In fact, the combined synergy of the two ideologies is the 'sweet spot' companies should be seeking for their leaders, and is yet another reason for me to seek the role!

There is room in 'my tent' for 'almost' all sides because most of us are not as far apart on the issues as some may think.  However, if you are not a believer in the 'rights of all people', I am not your candidate.  If you think the pandemic was a hoax, or that the 2020 election was stolen, I am not your candidate.  I will be unrelenting in my work for our 'common ground' and in combatting the misinformation crisis in our district, and in the country.   Work with me - meet with me - and I will earn your vote!

If given the opportunity, I will carry on as the former incumbent Tom Reed once did, in regards to the support of the Problem Solver Caucus.  As a career-long leader in Continuous Improvement initiatives and projects in the private sector, I am well-prepared for problem solving in the public space.

Our nation's first President, George Washington was an Independent.  He believed that partisan politics would destroy our country, I am right there with him on that thought!  Unlike traditional candidates that are partisan, I have a solid perspective on both traditional Republican and Democratic issues, and as an Independent I will do right by the people in our district.  I won't be catering to special interests.  I will be catering to you!  Please join with me in combining our group perspectives and help me to demonstrate the common ground that is between us all!

We all know that politicians and the media try their best to keep us divided - it is good business for both groups!  Whether we let them keep us divided, is a choice that each of us makes.

What I ask of you is to take a closer look at what binds us together as human beings - whether its love for our family, our home or our job; whether its providing for our family, our children's education or for our aging parents; whether its the money we earn or the taxes we pay; its all common ground!   Everyone of us wants the best on all these points of life! Just as with healthcare, choosing hobbies and entertainment, what property we value or our personal freedoms - each of us wants what is best for our families and that too, is our common ground!  

The 'America that I Know and Love' respects our differences - more of that would be great!  Again, we can choose 'not to be divided' and respect our differences.   We can re-learn how to mind our own business on issues that do not concern us.  We can be good neighbors and still not agree on every little thing.  We can raise our children right!  We can have a great neighborhood because its good for all of us.  We can redefine our sense of 'community' by all of us working together, caring for each other and keeping our focus on the ways we are the same - our common ground!  

This is a not the time to divide our democracy along party lines and petty differences. The 'America, that We Know and Love' is all of us pulling together.  We can decide to come together--Republican, Democrat, and Independent, and all others, please join with me.  Remember that our nation has always prospered as a 'melting pot' of ideas and our diversity is one of the main ingredients in our strength.  We have prided ourselves for generations as being open-minded, hard-working and freedom-loving!  Let's live up to all of that!

The 'America, that We Know and Love' is moral and it is many.  It is you, it is me, it is us working together to hear our neighbors and our friends, joining together to foster the greatest good for the greatest number. 

If you like what you read here, please share my site with others in the 23rd district!  If you can help me be successful in another way, let me know!  And when we meet on the road, share your experiences with me, as well as your concerns!

Let's begin to get ready for unique and possibly historical, election in 2024!  I am running for important reasons and one of those reasons is you! 

tc in 2024!




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