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If you're with me in this fight for better representation for the 23rd, and have the time, we will put your skills and personality to work!

Some examples of what we are expecting to need in 'helping get the word out' are.......

Allies in any area that have friends or family in the 23rd district - please share our campaign sites and information.

The immediate need - from now until the election is to share that there is another candidate that can represent us better than Nick Langworthy.  Tom Carle - Main St - Fredonia - and you can 'write me in'!

If you would like to canvass in your immediate area - let me know!

If you have a group that wants to hear something different from their congressional representative, just tell me where and when! 

As we move forward, it is all about getting the word out that there is another choice for Republicans!  Republicans that believe we can do better and return to traditional Republican values, have to consider someone other than Nick Langworthy.  He is more of the same old - election denying, top 1% favoring, NATO dismantling, climate denying, and misinformation spreading administration.  The Republican party is more than Trump - or it used to be and it needs to rise up!  Join me and I will help!  'Write Me In!'  Its easy - Tom Carle - Main St - Fredonia!

Committee to Elect Thomas Carle
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